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Seasoned Ash hardwood logs

Logs Full loads            £140.00 inc. VAT

Logs Half loads           £75.00 inc. VAT

Pea Sticks bundle of 12         £8.50 inc.VAT

Bean Poles bundle of 10          £13.50 inc.VAT

Binders bundle of 20         £16.50 inc.VAT

Stakes bundle of 10          £12.50 inc.VAT

Equestrian hurdle supplies from    £26.00 inc.VAT

Cord-wood per ton/cube from     £55 plus VAT

Free delivery to postcode areas see our map contact page

Discounts for volume orders

2018/2019/2020 cut to order service bookings +44 (0) 7881 694 080

Larger and commercial orders sold by the cube - call for enquiries

All sold in lengths cut to order as required Hazel, Birch & Willow 

Rare long lengths of 100mm+ straight Sweet Chesnut available to order

Cord wood, heatherings, staves, posts, pea sticks, bean poles, faggots, pimps, kindling

All our timber is seasoned and we employ low impact harvesting, forwarding and processing techniques