*Please wear suitable footwear for walking through woodland* Drinking water is available, please bring your own re-usable bottle.

Book Day Visits
We really look forward to hearing how much fun you have had on your day out at Wolford Wood. You can come for a couple of hours or the whole day. Light a small camp fire, build a den, bring a picnic* or take a long walk through English deciduous woodland. Please call or email to agree time of visit. 

*This is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, home to 2,500 different species of flowers, fungi and fauna. We employ an Eco friendly "leave no trace" ethos so single-use plastic is not to be brought into the woods and guests are asked to take all belongings and litter home with them.


Easter Monday, cryptic clue Treasure Hunt.

Date: Monday 10th April

Time: 2:00pm- dusk

Buy tickets:https://wolford-wood.sumupstore.com/product/easter-treasure-hunt


Bring your grown up's and follow the Wolford Wood Hare's clues along a wondrously wild, woodland trail. Give a snort out to the pigs, Charlie and Bella and boo-hiss to the geese! We will make a big fire for you to toast marshmallows on. Grown-ups will want to know boring stuff like we have a car park and there are tables and chairs to sit at as well as refreshments, loos and hand washing facilities.

Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) £32.

Adults £9, Children over 3 years old £9.

Price includes entry, cryptic clue treasure hunt, prizes, refreshments and free parking.

Buy tickets:https://wolford-wood.sumupstore.com/product/easter-treasure-hunt

Connect with nature, Rewild your senses

Forest Bathing, Mindfulness and Wellbeing walks.

Next Available public date: Sunday 23rd April, 10.00am-1.00pm

Forest Bathing, or bathing in the atmosphere of the forest, is simply spending time in nature and connecting with it through all of your five senses. Contact with nature is a vital part for our health, happiness and wellbeing, and just as when we are connected with nature, our health improves, when we are separated from it, our health suffers. A forest bathing session will help you unplug from technology and slow down, bringing you into the here and now through practicing mindfulness, de-stressing and relaxing you. As soon as you open your senses, you begin to connect to the natural world. Forest bathing and spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, lower stress, lower blood sugar levels, improve concentration and memory, ease depression and anxiety, increase energy, boost the immune system and help with weight loss. Some of these benefits can last for up to a month after a single forest bathing session

About your Nature Therapy Guide: Joss is a qualified Forest Bathing Practitioner (Nature and Therapy UK, 2022) and has a BSc (Hons) in Zoology from the University of Sheffield. Joss started her career in animal care roles, and then moved into visitor experience roles in order to engage families with nature. Joss’s interest in forest bathing began in 2021 while working for Natural England as a visitor warden, where she spent all day immersed in nature, feeling the benefits, and felt she had to share the feeling with others. Joss now works for the National Trust and is passionate about the natural world and believes that only a genuine love of nature, inspired through connection, will give us the desire to care for it and protect it.
When Joss leads the sessions, she has public liability insurance, has training in Outdoor First Aid, Mental Health First Aid and Safeguarding, and has additional certifications, including: Nature Connectedness: For a new relationship with nature from the University of Derby, Walk Leadership Foundation course from Ramblers, walking for health, and Tracks and Signs from the Fields Studies Council.

Facilities, handwashing and herbal tea provided. Please bring a packed lunch.

*The group sessions are for those over 16 years of age, anyone younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Session price: £30.00 pp.

26th March, 23rd April, 28th May, 25th June, 23rd July, 13th August, 24th September, 22nd October, 26th November.

*Private group bookings can also be arranged.

Holistic Therapy with Sonia Axis 

Date: 05.05.23
Join us for an unforgettable day that brings you back to peace, tranquility and what it feels like to be a human.
Reconnect with your body and offer some rest to your busy mind through the series of workshops that not only help you to unwind
and brings the sense of balance and well-being into your system.

This holistic offering has a proven track of records as a solution to stress, anxiety, loneliness, burnout, overthinking, low self confidence.
You will learn effective breathing techniques, body relaxation, authentic relating and bathe in the healing frequencies of the sound bath!
It is a safe place to have a authentic recharge and some fun too! Don’t forget to bring your lunch box - soft drinks are provided. After support is available.

*private and corporate group bookings also available* 

The Moths of Wolford Wood

Dates: Sunday May 28th, Sunday August 20th.
Time: 9.30am-11.30am

Adults- £22
Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) £60

Treasures of the trap! An opportunity to learn about the ecology of moths at Wolford Wood. A fun, educational activity suitable for Adults and children.

Over 500 species have been recorded in this magnificent 150 acre broad-leaved woodland
since Victorian times. The diverse range of species includes moths of both local and national
importance.     Enjoy the beauty and unravel some of the mysteries of these splendid insects
by joining the County moth recorder David Brown to inspect the catch assembled from the
previous night in electric light traps.

Tutor: David Brown ,a former teacher of 20 years experience,has lectured at Warwick University
on lepidoptera for many years. He has conducted successful courses for the Field Studies Council
and Adult Residential Colleges Association since 1990. David is the moth Conservation Officer
and County Recorder for Warwickshire and author of The Larger Moths of Warwickshire.

*Private group bookings can also be arranged*

Bee a keeper

: Saturdays from 10am,

27th May, 3rd June, 24th June,1st July, 8th July, 15th July 29th July, 5th August, 12th August, 19th August, 26th August.

Buy tickets: https://wolford-wood.sumupstore.com/product/bee-a-keeper

£25 Adult
£12 Child
Family ticket: £65  

Join Martin at Wolford Wood for an interactive bee keeping experience- protective bee suits supplied.

You and your family can learn everything there is to know about bees and beekeeping. How honey is made and how to help bees at home. You’ll be able to ask questions about the queen, her nurses and worker bees in our hives. Taste our delicious Wolford Wood meadow flower honey.

Set in a shaded glade you will be in a small outdoor group. Facilities and handwashing provided.  You are welcome to bring a picnic or hire one of our halo grill fire pits for a BBQ and stay all day.

*Private group bookings can also be arranged*

Beeswax Candle Making.

Dates: Saturday's from 10am 
27th May, 3rd June, 24th June, 1st July, 8th July, 15th July,29th July, 5th August, 12th August, 19th August, 26th August.

Age 13+ including candles: £35pp

Learn how to make your own 100% Natural Beeswax candles.

You’ll be melting wax in our special bain marie and dipping wicks to create your very own candles.

All under the watchful eye and supervision of Martin Edwards – Chair North Cotswolds Bee Keepers Association.

This is a hands on safe experience set in our new activity cabin on the outskirts of the woodland.

Facilities and handwashing provided. You are welcome to bring a picnic or hire one of our halo grill fire pits for a BBQ and stay all day.

*Private group bookings can also be arranged*

Archery: “make, shoot and keep your own arrow”, “Have a go” and Field archery. 

Dates: TBC

Woodland Butterfly Safari

Next Dates:

Accompany a Warwickshire Butterfly Conservationist, on an interactive walking safari through Wolford Wood to view spectacular specialist woodland butterflies. We will watch for the elusive Purple Emperor, considered as one of the most beautiful butterflies in Britain. Another bright, stunning butterfly to watch for is our largest fritillary - the Silver-washed fritillary which is often seen feeding on the brambles as well as the White Admiral as it glides effortlessly along the woodland rides. With an amazing 28 recorded species residing here, you will be sure to see many lovely butterflies as well as taking time out to connect with nature. We hope you can join us in our expedition.
Allow 1-1.5 hrs for the walk then relax afterwards with a delicious Cotswold cream tea or a scrummy tray bake with refreshment supplied by
HUFFKINS bakery. You are welcome to bring a picnic or hire one of our halo grill fire pits for a BBQ and stay all day.

Coming soon...

Unplug and re-charge your teenagers!

Mental wellbeing day camp/overnight camp for young people aged 12-17.

This innovative idea is run by a qualified child & adolescent counsellor and an accredited natural therapist.

Connect back to nature and in so doing, connect back to yourself. Join us and you will find out how to break down social isolation, increase your mental wellbeing and reduce anxiety, simply by coming together in the wilderness. 

Build together, cook together, swap skills and stories. 

Pick up some bushcraft and rewilding tips, hang out with your friends and meet some new ones along the way.

Step out of your comfort zone into a life changing adventure.

REGULAR EVENTS: Come and join in the fun with our Woodland Games - Group rounders, Basic bushcraft skills, Archery, Forest fugitive, Den building, Tree side table tennis, Woodland crafts, Campfire suppers, stories and marshmallows over the fire - its bliss.

*We provide a venue for community interest and support. Offering volunteering opportunities, training, science and education and wellbeing in connection through nature. Please contact: hello@wolfordwood.com to see what we can offer your local group/business/school.

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