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Wolford Wood Honey - Out of Stock

Lavender Bags - £Contact us

Air Dried Seasoned Ash hardwood logs:

Logs Full loads             £Contact us

Logs Half loads            £Contact us

Split Your Own Random Rounds   £Contact us

Collect your own Log Bags    £Contact us

Hazel Binders bundle of 20      £Contact us

Hazel Stakes bundle of 10       £Contact us

Pea Sticks bundle of 12         £Contact us

Bean Poles bundle of 10          £Contact us

Birch Tops Bundles from       £Contact us

Cord-wood per ton/cube from     £Contact us

Goat Willow Stems small bundle* £Contact us

Goat Willow Stems large bundle*  £Contact us

Goat Willow Binders Bundle of 20   £Contact us

Goat Willow Stakes 2mx50mm   £Contact us

Goat Willow Brash Bundles 

approx. 300mm x 3/4m        £Contact us

*Living willow stems for gazebos, follies, tunnels, establish quick cover over 2-3 years.  A mixed local species hedge will establish over 4-7 years. Your hedge can then be trimmed if it is a garden setting or left to grow wild.  After seven years a wild hedge will be ready for its first cut and lay. Maintained properly this hedge will flourish into a species rich bio-diverse home for birds, hedgehogs, butterflies and bugs alike.

Free log order deliveries to postcode areas see our map contact page

Timber available for collection

Cordwood crane load charge £10 per tonne

2020/2021/2022 cut to order and design services: 

 Percy  +44 (0) 7788 778 000 or Marcus +44 (0) 7881 694 080   

Larger and commercial orders sold by the bundle, cube or ton - call for enquiries

All sold in lengths cut to order as required Ash, Sweet Chestnut, Hazel, Birch, Willow 

Rare long lengths straight Sweet Chestnut available to order

Cord wood, heatherings, staves, posts, pea sticks, bean poles, land faggots, chefs pimps, kindling

All our timber is felled as part of a Natural England Approved Management plan, seasoned in the wood and forwarded to the stack for logging.  The logs are then air dried under cover in baskets.