Wolford Wood includes many rare untouched species

We really look forward to hearing about how much fun you have had on your day out at Wolford Wood. You could be alone or with your household. You can come for a couple of hours or the whole day. Light a small camp fire, build a den, bring a picnic* or take a long simple carefree walk through English deciduous woodland. Please call 01608 964109 to agree time of visit. £10 per Car with driver, £5 per person
*we are an eco-secure site, please, no once use plastic in the woods and your litter must go home with you.

Wolford Wood hosts corporate and well being events through out the year.  As a working scientific wood this means we manage the woodland through harvesting woodland products and monitoring species.

What is a scientific wood?

Wolford Wood is called a scientific wood because it is a very special place. It is special because Wolford Wood has untouched areas of ancient woodland where the bio diversity and species variation is so great it is protected by law and studied throughout the year by professionals and amateurs alike. See our events page to book your adventure, party or wedding.

In fact the last bio diversity study in 2015 identified 111 flowering plants which includes trees, fungi 120 and 1000 fauna (animals).

Fungi and Mushrooms

Foraging for Fungi and Mushroom Survey 2018

Choose your event and enjoy yourself in the open air.