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About our Woodland of Special Scientific Interest

All about Wolford Wood

A site of special scientific interest

The importance of a scientific woodland

This name 'Special Scientific Interest' (SSSi) is a statutory designation that affects what you are allowed to do in the woodland. It protects particular areas or features that are unusual and/or home to living organisms that are a threatened species. 

Our Mission

Our vision for Wolford Wood

We want Wolford Wood to continue thriving in biodiversity and nature for all to enjoy. 

From specialist species recorders monitoring wildlife, campers and glampers taking a break immersed in the natural countryside, classroom spaces thriving with children learning new skills and practitioners utilising the peaceful environment to run workshops and client appointments. 

There are so many opportunities that we are investing in to allow more people to experience the magical atmosphere of Wolford Wood. 


Volunteer at Wolford Wood

We welcome volunteers to Wolford Wood. Whether it's helping marshal the Park Run on a Saturday Morning, help with school visits or activities like a woodland Easter egg hunt. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer. 


A Working Wood

On-site woodland management and log production 

To ensure the biodiversity of the woodland thrives, woodland management must take place. 

Trees are felled and made into logs to be sold to the local community for firewood during the winter months as well as other products like hazel bean poles for gardeners.